Seth and I are in the very beginning stages of reviving one of my old passions, poetry, and more specifically, publishing poetry. I enjoyed getting to know writers, reading their works, picking my favorites, and putting them in the zines.

I got to be a poetry-goddess deciding what would be included, and what didn’t. Not that that power went to my head, but I did enjoy being on the other end of the submission process. And honestly, I very rarely turned anyone away. I usually published at least one poem from every submission. I believe that everyone has something to say, and everyone will reach another someone with their words. Who was I to really judge except to fill my pages with what I wished.

Anyhow, now that the kids are growing up, we both spend a lot of time working, I thought it would be good to get back to more creative endeavors. So, keep a watch on this site. Submission guidelines are being worked out and will be posted soon-ish.