IMG_5286 (1)When we published titles under Kitty Litter Press back in the day (pretty much pre-internet, I mean I had an email address and there were mailing lists and bulletin boards, but seriously, it’s not like it is today), there was really only one way to publish a small-press poetry chapbook: paper, tape, photocopies, staples, stamps, etc. We got pretty good at self-taught layout, graphics, color, and so on, but it was still on paper.

Paper and copies were cheaper back then. Postage was much cheaper. Delivery was slow. Things got lost, torn, mangled. Paper takes up space. I dumped pretty much all back stock when we moved once or twice: 40+ issues of Joey, countless chapbooks, Katnip Reviews, etc… that all takes up space. We had a family. We needed room for babies. (Our kids are 13 and 15 at this point and we’ve moved again, from Colorado to Texas, and for those of you who don’t know, KLP began in Wyoming… so it’s traveled a bit.)

I like paper. I like reading on paper. I have a Kindle Paperwhite which is great because you can store a lot of books on there, take it with you with very little weight. But Seth and I still like reading actual books. We buy books, we have shelves and shelves of them. I have piles by my bed of books to read and the pile always gets bigger, not smaller.

My point is that I am still deciding what format this is going to be in. I know there is a planet to consider. There’s definitely our budget to consider. I never made one dime from KLP back in the day. We lost money. I had a handful of subscribers but it did not come close to covering expenses. It’s not why I did it, and it’s not why I want to do it again. However, I need to at least cover my costs or come close to making this thing as low-cost as possible. The internet, email, web sites… all of this has brought down the costs tremendously. The one drawback is paper. I mentioned I like paper, right?

Stay tuned…