Just a quick note to thank the first few lucky folks who have already submitted to the “Joey and the Black Boots – The Re-BOOT” issue! We’re so excited that submissions have been slowly but surely coming in and we can’t wait to get enough material to begin making decisions on poems, layout, design, and so on. Once we get some more submissions, we will have a better idea of size, shape, colors, and all that fun stuff!

We’ve decided that we’d like to put out the Re-BOOT in January. So, the “soft” deadline for this first issue is November 30, 2016 which then gives us time to do the layout and design.

We also designed a new logo for KLP. (I don’t believe we ever had a set logo “back in the day” so this was fun.) There’s so much more that can be done now, with computers, than when we began this press back in 1994.

It’s exciting times here at KLP! I hope you will consider submitting today!