After getting the first RE-BOOT issue out, I sent out the copy for printing… on actual paper. This will be available for order (authors will get a discount, but I’m still working out all of the details). The copy came back and looked fantastic! I’m so excited to see the new Joey in print!



However, shortly after publishing the digital version, I was notified of an error, which is easy to fix in a digital version, but takes forever to resend/reprint/reship a paper copy. Also, the page locations were off by a page on the print copy…

When I did this back “in the day” I used my own printer, paper, staples, and envelopes to put these zines together, but their quality was not as nice as I wanted at the time… fast forward nearly two decades, and the technology has changed drastically. The paper quality on this proof copy is outstanding. It will be printed in full color, inside and out!

Needless to say, the zine looks amazing in print, and as soon as I get the corrections made and a new proof copy ordered, I will give everyone the information on how to order.


UPDATE!!! The issue is now available for sale at: