Hello all…

I am sure you were wondering if we were still here. I had completely anticipated getting the next issue of Joey out by now… But of course, life and time had different plans! My apologies. I know how hard it is to wait on these things.

Publishing has always been a labor of love. I don’t know how other publications do it, but I never make money (I’m not in it for the money, so that’s a good thing), and I use a LOT of my own time to get these things done. So, when actual paying work comes my way (in my other life), I have to take on that work, of course. These last few months, that has happened (yay!) but that means it ate up a lot of my free time. Also, I still have kids who live at home and they always take up more time than I think they will, even though they are mostly self-sufficient. Last week, our son got his driver’s license! Aside from taking him for the test and getting the actual license, I am unable to concentrate when he’s out on the road! Our daughter has shipped off to a three-weeks-away-from-home camp; of course, we had to spend the time getting her packed and driving her to said camp.

Time…where does it go?

I am rethinking how Joey works in the future… I have had some awesome suggestions from a valued friend who’s been on the writer’s side of this journey a lot longer than I have. Things that can keep it more “now” and less “when I have time.” More to keep everyone engaged all the time (or more often) rather than a bunch of work twice per year when it may or may not be convenient depending on my work schedule. This issue will work the same as the last and any changes will come after. We will describe any changes on the submission page and announce them on the blog as well… but for now, I will post several poems on this blog that will be coming in the next issue. And the next issue will be available as a PDF file and in print through Lulu.com after I get the print version proof copy.

Anyhow… new poems are coming! And the new issue will out soon-ish! (I hope by the end of July, but I might be being unrealistic. But as soon as I possibly can!)