The following is one of the poems included in issue 2, of Joey and the Black Boots, the ReBoot. Digital copies can be purchased at Lulu.

(Print version is waiting for proof copy to arrive, and as soon as it does, that link will be posted as well!)



Beloved imp, little blue-eyed devil;
Time has passed you by, and an
Eternal kitten you have remained
You dart after each speck and invisible shadow,

Living your life in perpetual play,
Without lesson the joy that each should feel
And your affection, you bestow on all

You meet, as your own master, filling
Your days with overflowing love and fun
Was, friends with Poe the Cat

They used to drink out of the same water bowl

With hearts filled with love & glee

Living in a time filled with a sparkling radiance

Mario William Vitale
Wolcott, Connecticut