The following is one of the poems included in issue 2, of Joey and the Black Boots, the ReBoot. Digital copies can be purchased at Lulu.

(Print version is waiting for proof copy to arrive, and as soon as it does, that link will be posted as well!)



Retired, we only have one car,
and the wife . . . well she’s the boss you know
like all wives are
can be stingy with the car, need it
for a “business meeting”
or some special shopping urgency blah blah blah
hey wait a minute I’m the man of the house aren’t I?
I’m gonna demand the use of that car today
I’m gonna march right up to her and stare into
her pretty shining brown eyes
and state sternly
like I really mean it “I’m using the car today toots
whether you like it or not. Put that
in your pipe and smoke it!”
Well, on second thought . . .

Michael Estabrook
Acton, Massachusetts