The following is one of the poems included in issue 2, of Joey and the Black Boots, the ReBoot. Digital copies can be purchased at Lulu.

(Print version is waiting for proof copy to arrive, and as soon as it does, that link will be posted as well!)


deadly nightshade

you grabbed me
by the throat
and tried to kill me with it;
you may have shattered
my rose-tinted glasses,
but i rose from my
i have always aspired to be kindness
and virtue and compassion,
but you have provoked
my anger
whose spokes often go too far;
i will take the teeth of the moon and destroy
you with her silver until you remember
every canopy of my rage and every
river of my tears—
you will never know the teas
of my empathy anymore only a silence
so deadly and cold as the winter’s frost
that i will send to destroy you.

linda m. crate
Meadville, PA