Sometimes, when Hollywood remakes an old movie (that was perfectly fine in the first place) and tries to make it bigger and better, they fail spectacularly. I feel like the reboot of KLP/Joey was like that. After about a 17 year break, I thought advances with the internet, on-demand printing, email communications, and so on, that it would be easier and maybe work better than “the old days.” Gone are the days of retyping poems, printing, copying, stapling, packing, mailing… Or even our first few issues before I owned a computer, when I literally cut out poems and taped them onto pages to be photocopied, stapled, mailed, etc.

Those were the hey-days of Joey. I tried. I made some really nice, glossy, full-color journals. But I was told on several occasions that they were too expensive. I literally could not make them any cheaper (the base price is set by the on-demand service). I thought they were beautiful. What’s more, they didn’t cost me anything except my time, and the copy I purchased for myself.

Previously, I paid to make Joey. I gave out one contributor copy to each poet, I had to pay for copies, postage. I offered subscriptions but rarely did anyone take me up on it. I think we may have had 3 subscribers, and at a ridiculously low price. It was fun and I met some amazing people so I didn’t mind so much. I was also young and carefree. We published Joey in our early 20s.)

I guess becoming a real adult changes your feelings about money and time… Mostly I feel like I don’t have enough of either anymore.

I can honestly say that I miss those old days of Joey. I miss the paper, the stapling, the making something and sending it out into the world. I would get notes back about how someone enjoyed the issue. (They were photocopied pages, hand-stapled, and black and white!) I guess this just tells me that it’s not about the glossy paper, the color art images, the perfect binding. And I just don’t have time or funds to go back to the “old” way of doing it even though I wish I could turn back the clock.

I also thought I’d “find” my old poetry pals… and while I did find some, it seemed that many had moved on to other life pursuits as well. And I miss them too.

So, last year was an experiment that has run its course… We won’t be publishing Joey any longer. If you’ve sent submissions and haven’t heard anything, consider them free to send somewhere else.

Thank you to those who submitted and were a part of last year’s Re:boot. You made the issues fun, colorful, and I hope you enjoyed them. Until another time, au revoir.