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IMG_0971We are seeking poetry, short prose, and art.

To submit poetry to Joey and the Black Boots (the re-BOOT), please do the following:

  1. Send each poem in separate files (.doc, .pages, or .txt are preferable, if there are spacing issues, send also as a .pdf so the poem “looks” like you want it to)
  2. Name your files in this manner: Lastname_Firstname-title.doc (first couple of words of the title for long titles, if you have same names for titles, put a number after)
  3. Include your town/state or town/country of residence for inclusion in the magazine.
  4. Send the files to me in an email to:
  5. Limit 10 poems or 10 pages, whichever comes first (if you have really long poems, then only send as many as adds up to 10 pages)

To submit art to Joey, please follow the guide above except that the images should be:

  1. At least 300 dpi, not bigger than 6 x 9 in when printed, or be ok with down-sizing (while maintaining the aspect ratio, of course).
  2. Files types .jpg, .tiff, .gif, or .png, though .jpg is preferred. Color work is great.
  3. File names and page limits as described above.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, though please notify us immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else. We request first publication rights; after publication, all rights return to the poet/author/creator, though we appreciate a mention if published elsewhere later.

Please note the following:

Contributors will receive a FREE PDF version. These are currently being made available as a hardcopy version through Lulu (print on demand) that can be purchased at cost for authors for about one month after publication.

At this time we have not decided on how to handle single- or co-author chapbooks. Stay tuned for that information.

We will notify you when we receive your submission (within a few days), even if it takes a while (several months perhaps) to reply on actual acceptance. As this grows and gets back on its feet, we expect that time frame to shorten. We also have day jobs, so please have patience.

We do not have a printing schedule for now. We need to see how long it takes for this ball to get rolling. As soon as we know, we will let you know. We are hoping to make Joey a semi-annual event for the time-being. Please spread the word.

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