for poets, cats, boots, and verse


Small press poetry had to take a backseat in my life when we began to grow our family. We published poetry magazines from 1994–2000 (holy crap! 6 years?!?) but decided that with having kids in our lives when we just couldn’t sustain the costs, both time and money, any longer. Diapers won out. Well, here we are, a decade plus another six years later (holy crap! 16 years?!?) and we have been thinking about reviving it for a long time. So here we are, in the very early planning stages.

We are so far out of the game that I am pretty sure none of our old contacts will work, and I’m only in touch with one person (you know who you are) from my old publishing days (and other stuff) so I am starting from scratch. I hope that advances in the Internet since the Y2K disaster will help me get reconnected to old friends and make some new ones.

Please spread the word to the writers out there who need to stretch their writing wings and fly…